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Fruit panino for breakfast

Panino in English by Emeline Dany 12/08/2020

The panino imagery is fast meal and savory, rarely associated to breakfast.
On top of that, if you say you want to combine fresh fruit and bread, people in Italy will probably look at you in a weird way.

But why not changing the use of a product or a format?
Why ice cream is “not authorized” before lunch, cappuccino after noon, and pizza better the evening?
Let’s change the paradigms as long as the primary need of a tasty meal is satisfied.

By Emeline Dany

It’s summer and hot.  You’re planning to switch from your cornetto (Italian stuffed croissant) to a lighter breakfast with yogurt, fruit and cereals.
Though you already miss the sensation of eating something with consistency.
Why not opting for a panino?

Ok, we know you immediately think cheese & ham, and you’re probably not ready for eating “prosciutto” in the morning.(*)
Maybe you usually get up later on holidays, planning to skip the lunch but still desire a hint of sweetness.
So we’ve been creating  just for you two sweet recipes for a creamy and fruity panino.

Recipe Panino 1

. 1 Pain Brioche or Hamburger  milk bread
. 60 gr of ricotta
. 1 apricot
. 1 spoon of maple syrup
. Some chives
. Salt flakes or Maldon smoked salt in case the ricotta is sweet

Cut the bread and open it.
Spread the ricotta on one side.
Add the  chopped chives.
Cut  small slices of apricot and add on top of the ricotta. 
Pour lightly the maple syrup.
(in case you’re ricotta is sweet, add some salt flakes).
Close your Sandwich.

Recipe Panino 2

. 1 Pain Brioche or Hamburger milk bread
. 60 gr of ricotta
. 1 fig
. 30 gr of prosciutto San Daniele
. A few dried cranberries
. Poppy seeds

Cut the bread and open it.
Spread the ricotta on one side.
Cut the fig in slices and add on top of the ricotta. 
Put some dried cranberries.
Add the poppy seeds.
Finalize with the ham.
Close your sandwich.

The sandwiches will be creamy and sweet but with the right hint of sour and salt so your “italian” palate won’t be shaken in the morning.
What do you think? Have you ever had a fruit panino before?  Let us know!!

*Italy is a country where breakfast is usually sweet and not savory. So if you say panino for breakfast, the imagery will be cheese and ham. Not every Italians are ready for eating cured meat in the morning.

Emeline Dany

Emeline Dany

Food Strategist

Francese, appassionata di cibo e design. 

Dopo 10 anni nell'industria come project manager nel miglioramento dei processi e il change management, decide di specializzarsi in Food Strategy. 

Convinta che si impari tutta la vita, dopo un master in Management & Marketing in una grande école francese, e una formazione in Design d'interni allo IED, ha avuto l'opportunità di partecipare al primo master in Food Design della SPD, lanciato per l'EXPO 2015. Ha seguito anche i corsi sommelier dell’AIS.

Nel 2016, sviluppa la sua propria metodologia di consulenza per progettare customer solutions a 360 gradi e si mette in proprio.

Insegna allo IED “ how to design a food experience” dal 2017. 

Nel 2018, avvia La Baghet, un concetto di eno -boulangerie su ruote e di organizzazione di eventi francesi (catering, corsi di cucina, degustazione). 

Scrive le sue esperienze di foodie sul suo sito e profilo instagram @lescalopemilanaise

Il suo sogno:

"Contribuire a rendere il mondo più bello per tutti attraverso il cibo".

>Per il consumatore: migliorando il suo quotidiano grazie ad esperienze gradevoli.

>Per l'imprenditore: assistendolo nella realizzazione del suo progetto di aprire un locale, pensando ai piccoli dettagli che fanno la differenza.

>Per il produttore: promuovendo la tradizione e il cibo di qualità.

English version

French, in love with Food & Design.

After 10 years in the industry field, as Project Manager in charge of Change Management & Product Launch, she decided to specialize in Food Strategy.

A lifelong learner, after earning a Master's degree in Management & Marketing and completing an Interior Design program , she had the opportunity to attend the first Master's program in Food Design, launched for the EXPO 2015 by the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan.

​In her free time, she also attended Sommelier courses.

In 2016, she created her  own methodology to provide food strategy consulting and design 360° solutions adapted to clients’ needs.


Because today’s customers get bored more easily and tend to be less loyal than in the past.

Because we live in a world where advertising and interior design are not enough to make a restaurant or a food retail concept successful.

Because nowadays, it's essential to design not only the space but the food and experience we offer to our customers.

Since 2017, she teaches “ how to design a food experience”  in IED school.

In 2018, launched La Baghet, a concept of eno-boulangerie on the wheels  and organization of french style events (catering, corsi di cucina, degustazione).

She writes her foodie experience on her site and insta profile: @lescalopemilanaise.

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